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Moreover, Mr Bishop said he fired Mr Lewis as a political reporter because he failed a basic political general knowledge test – and he made no effort to get a job as a presenter.And a female BBC journalist said that when unmarried Mr Lewis worked for Look East he made a rude remark about Norwich on an internet dating site.Tim Bishop, former head of BBC East, spoke out after Norwich Labour MP Clive Lewis said an unnamed manager at BBC East, where Lewis worked as a journalist for ten years, had kept him off screen for ‘racist’ reasons.Mr Bishop said he believed he was the manager Mr Lewis was referring to – and insisted that the allegation was totally false.Mr Bishop hit back after The Mail on Sunday revealed last week how Left-winger Mr Lewis, a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s front-bench team, said a ‘glass ceiling’ held back black staff on the BBC.An unnamed manager at BBC East told him he was ‘not what viewers were looking for’ – evidence of ‘racism,’ argued the MP.Clive Worth, 60, claims to have met and "bedded" around 1,500 women online.

"I went to her home and she had two cats which she allowed in to her bed too. So I said sorry, I can't sleep with cats and the relationship finished. "I had another close call with a policewoman but while she was staying with me I had over 10 calls from other women and she sussed me out.And they're tired of it and looking for love now, and affection, and you can tell them that you want sex, they won't admire it.But tell them you want to meet them and have a game of Scrabble with them, that will appeal to them.But an angry Mr Bishop, 57, who was Mr Lewis’s boss for most of his time at BBC East, told this newspaper: ‘Clive owes me a personal apology and an apology to all of his colleagues at BBC East.I don’t believe any such incident happened.‘He’s made some deeply offensive remarks.

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