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Each story summarizes how Toronto’s cis journalists reported on their deaths, bodies, and narratives. There is cissexism, misogyny, trans misogyny, and professional neglect in every report. Very little in the way of confronting violence against women, or more information about the suspect’s MO, was discussed. Tropes meant to delegitimize her — like “born a man”, “trapped in a man’s body”, “identify as a woman” and “lived as a woman” — are still used regularly by cis journalists. Each speak for how cis people objectify her body’s morphology, even put it on public trial.

The Toronto Police Service described the suspect as a (cis) man in his thirties, 6’2″, 230#, muscular, with close-shaved hair and no facial hair. A suspect matching the description was wanted for the murder of another Vietnamese-Canadian sex worker, a cis woman, murdered six weeks after Do. In one lede, the journalist described her as a “transsexual prostitute”, not a woman whose job was sex work. Di Manno’s conduct, besides being unprofessional, is a very good example of the journalism that a trans person (trans women especially, given her intersectional barrier of womanhood) may expect if she’s forcibly disclosed by cis people.

The married father transformed his sick dream into a terrifying reality when he shot three hookers within an hour on Victoria Day night 1996.” The victims weren’t described as women, much less as feminine. She was especially conscious of her wording, which was mean-spirited, malicious, even bordering on libellous.

On a fourth and final column about the case, Di Manno’s lede began with, “The cop works the edges of the scrum, cocking an ear towards the hefty hooker in the teensy-weensy skirt, cantilevered breasts overflowing the cups of her black bustier like freshly rising dough.” Five years later, when he was tried in court, the Canadian Press lede revived the narrative of trans people and sex workers, as objects, killed by a respectable family guy: “Marcello Palma frequently fantasized that he would kill street prostitutes — whom he both despised and employed for his gratification. Rosie Di Manno’s conduct reached well beyond a cissexist obliviousness by the many reporters who tracked the murders.

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Do probably brought this death on herself, because she was a woman of colour, trans, and had earned her living from sex work — throwing away a more “acceptable” nursing career (which she could have done if only she were a cis man).

Di Manno, revealing her own internalized misogyny with respect to her leniency on violence against women, was especially forgiving for the man who, on the same night, murdered two women and a third person (who voiced themselves with a feminine articulation of gender at the time they were confronted by their killer). Wilkinson, other trans women, and gender-non-conforming people through literary mockery for the very life experiences which marginalized them intersectionally: a cisnormative culture which gave the murderer the social benefit of doubt for nearly a week after his killing spree.

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