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The match coordinator also said they message members about upcoming events in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Also, the match coordinator pitched to me how Equally Yoked offered events for Christian Singles in Tucson.After sometime between 2011 to 2012, they stopped putting together group events.Sometime between 2009 to 2010, I signed up for Equally Yoke's (aka clubey.com) dating service.The match coordinator assured me that clubey.com's website is a top notch service and that there are plenty of quality members in Tucson.Paul’s admonition in 2 Corinthians is part of a larger discourse to the church at Corinth on the Christian life.

However, because of the imbalance of men and women in the Church, this isnt easy.An “unequally yoked” team has one stronger ox and one weaker, or one taller and one shorter.The weaker or shorter ox would walk more slowly than the taller, stronger one, causing the load to go around in circles.As space has opened up online for Christians, some have turned to the Internet as a place to find a Christian spouse.The mainland site Gospel Times recently posted information about 7 mainland dating sites for Christians.

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