Hayden christensen who is he dating christain dating site 2016

Granted, one of them was rumored to be Sienna Miller and we're pretty sure any guy with a pulse could take her home. The latest conquest for the man that portrayed Anakin Skywalker may be Rachel Bilson. We'd be saying that the actor is lucky to be dating such a babe no matter what.

But recent photos of Bilson truly make us jealous of this dude.

It doesn't prove he's single, dating, gay, bi, straight. Hayden will always keep it private unless the special someone comes along which didn't happen yet I think.

So the "gay" question gets tired because no one can answer it.

That aside, it has very much developed a cult status over the years, and fans have run with it to great lengths.magazine’s latest issue and she opens up about their relationship in the interview.“He’s so incredibly supportive and considerate,” Rachel said. Because these things are so much more important when you’re older.After the prequels finished in 2005, his most high profile role was in 2006's Jumper., has taken on a life of its own in the years since the movie’s release.

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