Intimidating work colleague

Actions like these erode the confidence of employees and affects their ability to do their jobs.In many places, it is punishable by fines and imprisonment, and businesses may also be held liable if they do not respond appropriately.Workplace intimidation includes illegal sexual harassment and discrimination, but is not limited to illegal behavior.Such behavior is destructive to the victim and the company.It’s important to remember that there are some people you just can’t reach, says Lorene Lacey, global clinical manager at Workplace Options.“His or her behavior, whether it's whining, sniping, taking up too much of your time, or something else, is deeply rooted, and may have been going on for years,” says Lacey.

Verbal abuse is one of the most common types of workplace intimidation.

Workplace intimidation is intentionally and maliciously causing an employee or coworker to feel inadequate or afraid.

This includes verbal threats, unjust criticisms, sabotage of a person's work or supplies, sexual harassment, and physical violence.

The workplace bully, even if he is the owner, is not acting in the best interests of the company by bullying you.

You may experience depression, high blood pressure or substance abuse problems.

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