Online dating and flaking

Does that mean, that this is what they do quite often? When I am dating girls through these websites, I rarely get involved in a long chat.

Really, after that, you don't really feel like calling her again. Usually I take her number after 6-7 messages and then call her.

You show at the time agreed upon by both her and you, and she’s not there. Not only does she not show up, she doesn’t even let you know she’s not going to make it.

You wait around and perhaps after 10-15 minutes you send her a text. I can only think of 2 particular instances where this has happened to me. Flaky behavior is when a woman is being indecisive and won’t commit to plans for the life of her.

Generally speaking, sites like, where people pay to meet the opposite sex, have a different culture.

There, men seem more interested in finding a significant other and bouncing off the site ASAP.

Flaking is when a woman cancels last minute, or does not show up for a date that was mutually agreed upon prior. In fact, it can cause men to lose confidence and take a break from dating altogether. I can still remember this girl I approached at the gym who was willing to skip her best friend’s birthday to meet up at a time I initially suggested. Despite what you may have read, there is NO fool proof way to completely eliminate flaking. You have any family members or friends who are flaky? There’s no such thing as a “level” you get to where flaking completely ceases once and for all.

He’s slumped on the couch, head back, feet up, eyes closed. We may hesitate to make a move (or accept one) when the next opportunity rolls around. My prescription: a little brooding, talking it out, laughter if possible, and knowing haven’t done anything wrong; the other person has exhibited callousness and bad form.

For example, let’s take an attractive, fit, young professional lady. Do you honestly think she wants to meet a guy who’s out of shape, has terrible style, no drive whatsoever, and can barely rub two cents together?

Taking care of the essentials is the BEST way to reduce flaking BY FAR! I’ve been lucky to not have this happen very often to me.

Long ago we discussed the emotional aspects of dating, the importance of protecting and respecting feelings as well as one’s health, teenage sex at home, and their right to privacy. Are they impulsively swept off into another activity, and dismiss the impact of pulling a No Show on the guy or girl who’s left waiting?

Flaking is without a doubt one of the most frustrating things men will encounter out there in the dating world. If a girls likes you, she will make EVERY effort possible to meet up with you. Sometimes women give out their numbers to not appear rude but are really hoping you don’t call or text them. Or, perhaps she’s not so crazy about meeting up with a random stranger after all.

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