Romeo miller dating 2016

That’s when Patti advised the 25-year-old Romeo to delete his Instagram account, after Miller told the famous matchmaker that he gets a lot more likes on Instagram when he posts photos with his shirt off than when he uploads photos of himself fully clothed.

Will Kelly Monaco be uncomfortable watching Billy Miller film intimate scenes with Rebecca Herbst (Liz Webber)?The couple stepped out together on their first public DATE – as they went to L. Romeo is a well-known rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur and model.Serayah has been tearing it up as singer Tiana Brown on the hit FOX series, now in its third shocking season.But Mike treated her horribly and left Monaco brokenhearted.And now she’s thrilled that Billy Miller (aka Jake Doe/Jason Morgan) has swept her off her feet – almost like a romantic soap story of her own.

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