Updating standard boot order ipl rhel

When a computer with Red Hat Enterprise Linux is turned on, the operating system is loaded into memory by a special program called a boot loader.A boot loader usually exists on the system's primary hard drive (or other media device) and has the sole responsibility of loading the Linux kernel with its required files or (in some cases) other operating systems into memory.

If you use this option, the system will wait after bringing up network interfaces until either the gateway is successfully pinged, or until the amount of seconds specified in this parameter passes.

However, if the GRUB_DEFAULT line is set as saved, the parameter is stored in the /boot/grub2/grubenv file.

It may be viewed by: In addition, with Cent OS 7, an emergency mode is also available.

A boot loader is a computer program that loads an operating system or some other system software for the computer after completion of the power-on self-tests; it is the loader for the operating system itself.

Within the hard reboot process, it runs after completion of the self-tests, then loads and runs the software.

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